This is surprisingly very effective

It’s strange, because in my country there is a drink with the same polyphenol, but I never thought it would help me this much. I usually had to carry a whole water bottle after drinking overnight, but this pill has been helping me to hydrate easily. It’s so good! I bought three of them and they have been useful!


This is the second bottle I have purchased! I definitely think it alleviates the majority of negative symptoms I experience after an evening of drinking. Great product!

The Miracle Worker for the Functioning Alcoholic

As a connoisseur of adult beverages, I’ve often been faced with the cruel reality of balancing my liquid indulgences with the rigors of being a devoted husband and father. Thankfully, I stumbled upon “After Party” – the Holy Grail of hangover remedies. It’s a divine concoction that has singlehandedly transformed my life, allowing me to maintain my nocturnal hobby without compromising my daytime duties.

The beauty of After Party is its subtle yet powerful impact on my well-being. This wondrous potion has granted me the ability to enjoy my evenings and still be the best version of myself the following day. In fact, it has even earned me the title of “World’s Best Dad” (according to my custom coffee mug).

As a repeat customer, I can’t imagine a world without After Party. It has seamlessly integrated itself into my lifestyle, enabling me to embrace the joys of both inebriation and the responsibilities of parenthood. This delicate balance has proven invaluable, and After Party’s mysterious magic continues to impress.

In conclusion, After Party has been a game changer, allowing me to expertly navigate the tightrope between my love for libations and my commitment to my family life. If you too find yourself searching for that elusive equilibrium, give After Party a try. It’s the lifeline you never knew you needed. Cheers!

Works Too Well

I am drinking more now that I realize I can do it with no physical consequences thanks to the pills. I think the novelty of that will wear off. A bottle of these pills is a great hostess gift depending who the hostess is.

Second Purchase

I bought a bottle and was skeptical to begin with but said why not. And this is my second purchase, if I decide to have a couple too many drinks and take this I feel much better than I do if I don’t take it.

It Works

Out of all the hangover solutions, this is by far the best. Nothing else compares. I genuinely feel a difference the next day after drinking!

Works Great!

Have tried 3 times after significant drinking. Definitely reduces next day anxiety and associated depressive symptoms.


I’m really happy with this product. It really, really works.