After Party


Harness the natural power of Dihydromyricetin for effective recovery after social drinking.

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1 Bottle - $59.99
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3 Bottles - $149.99

How does After Party work?

When we drink alcohol, our liver metabolizes and breaks down the beverage as quickly as possible. During this process, alcohol is first transformed into acetaldehyde, a compound that is toxic to the body, and then that’s slowly broken down into acetate, a neutral substance. Acetaldehyde is what causes brain and organ damage from alcohol consumption and it’s the main culprit behind your hangover.


After Party is a product that may assist in the metabolism of acetaldehyde and may also increase GABA levels in the body by binding (weakly) to GABA. Please read the peer reviewed scientific studies on this that are linked below and come to your own conclusions. There’s a reason we made this.

Scientific Articles


How do I take After Party?

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